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We have collected over 500 replies and are sharing the first round data analysis soon - massive thanks to all who contributed, stay tuned!

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Thank you for your participation and commitment!


Dear Burner or this year´s future Burner!


The following questions are about your expectations from the upcoming event and\nabout your past experiences with Burning Man if you have already visited Black Rock City. After this year’s event we will get in touch with you again to ask about your new experiences and stories.


We’d love to hear from you!

"},{"type":"comment","name":"What are your thoughts and feelings on Burning Man? What does it mean to you?","rows":11},{"type":"comment","name":"What made you decide to join this years’ event in Black Rock City? What are your expectations from it?","isRequired":true,"rows":20},{"type":"radiogroup","name":"Have you attended Burning Man before?","choices":["yes","no"]},{"type":"text","name":"How many times have you attended Burning Man?","inputType":"number"},{"type":"comment","name":"If you have attended a Burning Man event before, could you please share a story describing your most memorable (positive and/or negative) experience during the event?","rows":11},{"type":"comment","name":"What is most important to you in your life? How would you describe yourself?","isRequired":true,"rows":15},{"type":"radiogroup","name":"Are you attending the upcoming event as member of an art project?","choices":["yes","no"]},{"type":"comment","name":"Could you give a short description of the project?"},{"type":"radiogroup","name":"Are you attending the upcoming event as a member of a camp?","choices":["Yes","No","I don't know yet.."]},{"type":"text","name":"What is the name of the camp you are with?"},{"type":"text","name":"What is your profession?"},{"type":"text","name":"What year were you born in?","inputType":"number"},{"type":"radiogroup","name":"What is your gender?","hasOther":true,"choices":["Male","Female"]},{"type":"text","name":"What is your country of residence?"},{"type":"text","name":"Please provide your email so that we can be in touch with you sometime after the event, to follow up on your experience with Burning Man."},{"type":"radiogroup","name":"I agree with the potential anonymous use and publication of parts of my answers by the Burning Man organization.","isRequired":true,"choices":["Yes","No"]},{"type":"radiogroup","name":"I would like to receive updates on the findings of Burning Stories","isRequired":true,"choices":["Yes","No"]}]}],"cookieName":"bs"} function sendDataToServer(survey) { //send Ajax request to your web server. $.post("/story", survey, function() {}); //alert("The results are:" + JSON.stringify(survey.data)); } var survey = new Survey.Model(surveyJSON); $("#surveyContainer").Survey({ model: survey, onComplete: sendDataToServer });