Privacy Policy

Your privacy is our priority. The Burning Stories team cares about your story, and your story is safe with us!

The Burning Stories team brings together years of academic experience and is committed to the privacy of the Burners who wish to contribute.

You can share whatever you want bravely and safely. Although you might love Burning Man, we also welcome critical stories, or those that combine both love and criticism!

Together with your story, we collect additional background data that includes your e-mail address. Data is stored in Aalto University’s secure servers, and the project operates under the Data Protection Laws of Finland. Separate databases keep your information decoupled from your e-mail address, protecting your identity.

During data analysis, all data is handled anonymously, and no individual will be identified in any resulting publications. Once you submit your story, it will not be possible to edit it.

We will not share your story, data, or e-mail without your explicit consent.

Before submitting, you have the option to choose if you are willing for your story to be shared with the Burning Man organization for community development and for story-sharing purposes. If you choose this option, then your story, other information, and e-mail may be shared with the Burning Man organization.

You will also have an option to request to be updated with findings of the Burning Stories research project when these become available.

Finally, here is our GDPR statement