May 2nd, 2018

Leave no trace - but for science

Why do we collect stories? Stories are personal, vivid and engaging. They capture how different individuals feel about themselves and how they experience the world around them. Ever since hunter-gatherers sat down around a fire after a long day, stories have been a central part of being a human and a member of a community.

We believe science makes these stories stronger. By explaining in academic language what is valuable in Burning Man, we can create an impact far beyond the Burner community. Burning Stories was created as a science project, but it is also a bridge and learning platform between academia and the Burner community. Researchers from all over the world and from different disciplines can benefit from your experience on the playa for decades to come.

The Burning Stories logo depicts a pen inside a burning flame. It symbolizes that despite burning it all, your story lives on with us.