Jan 7th, 2021

Our new publication is out! "Transformation Through Connection? Insights From a Pilot Study of Story Sharing Cubes at Burning Man Events"

New publication, a field report, co-written between Terje Toomistu and Jukka-Pekka Heikkilä is published at the leading electronic music culture journal Dancecult. From Terje:


If you attended Burning Man 2019, you might have noticed Juki and I going around with these funky little cubes, which are capable of recording stories. We attached one of them at the 'trash fence' at the end of the deep playa, others were going around at various camps. We were striving to figure out the 'essence' of transformative culture events through stories of people's significant experiences at these events – the stories that matter. Our art-meets-science method promises to take the qualitative research to exciting new grounds. But what was revealed from our pilot study – the centrality of the value of 'human connection' at these events – also echoes concerns about the potential change of the transformative essence of these events in the post-COVID-19 world.


Read the entire paper here:https://dj.dancecult.net/…/dancecult/article/view/1171/999

Thanks to the artist-carpenter Kalle Oja and techie Peter Tapio who built the Cubes and big thanks to everyone who shared their insightful stories!