Aug 14th, 2022

First Lux in Fabula scienceart pyramid has been built

The first pilot pyramid of the Burning Stories´project Lux in Fabula was built to Mitäs Mitäs - festival during July 2022.

The aim was, firstly, to explore the possibilities how to build a permanent art piece with a small team and secondly, what type of visual and sound art facilitate an optimal setting for transformational story sharing.

We managed to collect some stories, also in few other events are going to share them to our forum early 2023. Stay tuned for that!

The pyramid is a permanent structure in the festival venue and hopefully collects participant stories in the future as well. More info about the Mitäs Mitäs, a participatory culture - themed  festival below

Mitäs Mitäs Mitäs -festivaali 15.-17.7.2022 Urjala, Nuutajärvi
Mitäs Mitäs Mitäs -festivaali on ennakkoluuloton ja rajoja rikkova taiteiden juhla, joka järjestetään kuudetta kertaa 15.–17.7.2022.