Oct 1st, 2021

Love & Acceptance, a music track based to Stories data is published

Burning Stories has always been about combining science and arts, in an explorative way to bring out the unknown from the beautiful stories from the communities. Why we do this, blend science and arts?

Professor Timothy Caulfield from University of Alberta wrote in his piece Mixing science and art to make the truth more interesting than lies: “There are many reasons why collaborating with artists makes a ton of sense, now more than ever. Evidence has consistently shown that a good narrative will overwhelm the straightforward presentation of data. In a pop culture environment that has become increasingly noisy and fragmented, good science communication will require the use of as many different tools as possible. Art can play an important role.” (The Conversation, 2018 original here)

We believe so too. Creativity and discovery are important, both for artists and scientists and best cooked together. During 2019 we collected stories with Story Sharing Cubes from Borderland and Burning Man (see field report in Dance Cult) and now, artist Mikko Heikinpoika has made a beautiful track out of one particular story we collected. You can listen Love & Acceptance from Spotify. We hope you enjoy it