A growing variety of individuals and organisations are adopting purpose-drivennes, self-organising and decentralized leadership as operational models that aim to create a more sustainable future. These models affiliated with participatory cultures can be used both in support of and in resistance to traditional market capitalism.  

To understand this phenomenon and its potential for various communities, members from Burning Stories team will host a science-driven conference 31st of March 2020 at Aalto University, Helsinki, with a theme:

Participatory Cultures and Capitalism: A challenge or a symbiosis?

The conference brings together 60 thought-leaders from three communities - science, business and the Burning Man community - to address some of the biggest challenges of our time and explore actionable solutions for bridging social and environmental sustainability and prosperity. The conference is an exceptional chance for cross-pollination between world-class scholars from universities, Nordic chief executives, and a delegation from Burning Man Project Headquarters and Burning Man global community leaders. The aim of the conference is to share new knowledge and foster collaboration between these three communities to produce tangible outcomes.

Building on the cross-disciplinary character of Aalto University with experimental artistic nature of the Burning Man community, the conference is not going to be a traditional scientific conference. Instead, a selection of speakers is curated to contribute through ‘Lighting Talks’, which act as inspiration for co-creating concrete solutions for unleashing human potential in purpose-driven organisations that are the building blocks of societal structures. The conference space will be infused with a variety of arts from regional artists to inspire discussions that will cross over standard boundaries.

The content will be created based on the discussions at Burning Stories Forum. The content of participant discussions will be analysed by ethnographers to allow us to harness the collective wisdom of the conference participants and curate relevant content for the conference where possible.

Some of our confirmed speakers include: Prof. Primavera De Philippi , Prof. Lauri Järvilehto,  Dr. Frank Martela, Dr. Graham St. John, Karoliina Jarenko, Emilia Lahti. More to be announced soon!

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